Just a thought.

For those of you who use AIM (AOL instant messenger), you know that feeling when you're on the computer and you're so bored that you just start reading what people have to say on their statuses. These days, It's either about "I'm out hanging with friends" or "I just lost my iPod. FML". We all respond to certain things that people may write in a totally different way. But what if we all took just a few quick seconds to write something positive on our statuses, something that would please God, something that would show a sense of who we are as Christians. Maybe it's an encouraging statement, or a bible passage you really like, or something along those lines. I don't know about you, but back home, most of my non-Christian friends hang out most often with their "Christian" friends. If one of these friends were to see a bunch of their friends talking about God's goodness, aren't we, in a sense, presenting God's goodness? Hence, the gospel?

(def.) Gospel: Good news.

I've written very random things on my status before. Many, many times, people actually respond to me, saying, "Are you okay?" or "what's that about?" So if people could so easily get themselves concerned in others' business just by reading a AIM profile status, how much more might a person wonder if everyone was lifting up God?

This is indeed, not to say that we don't have to go up to our friends and family and actually present the gospel to them, but don't you guys realize? Your AIM, twitter, Facebook statuses... they are for the whole world to see. If it's this easy, and we're still not using it to tell people the greatest news of all time, what makes you think that you'll actually go out to your community, your family, your friends, or the world to tell people? What makes us think we have the audacity to do so, if we fail to even present it in the simplest of ways.

None the less, we're weak without God. He's here to help, in every circumstance.

This went on for much longer that the "just a thought" I had imagine before writing this.

I got class tomorrow so I'll end here. ___


  1. Word JonTam! I love reading and writing encouraging and praise statuses!

  2. i've actually started to do that & it lasted about a month. where i would write "I thank God for __________" &i'll change it everyday.

    it eventually stopped due to the fact that facebook decided to change itself and become lame&stupid.(:

    dear jon tam,
    don't you find it totally creepy that someone can be reading your blog/thoughts & you wouldn't even know it! perfect example: me.

    ps. nice shirts.
    white is see-thru though!
    but ultra aweesome(: