Just a thought.

For those of you who use AIM (AOL instant messenger), you know that feeling when you're on the computer and you're so bored that you just start reading what people have to say on their statuses. These days, It's either about "I'm out hanging with friends" or "I just lost my iPod. FML". We all respond to certain things that people may write in a totally different way. But what if we all took just a few quick seconds to write something positive on our statuses, something that would please God, something that would show a sense of who we are as Christians. Maybe it's an encouraging statement, or a bible passage you really like, or something along those lines. I don't know about you, but back home, most of my non-Christian friends hang out most often with their "Christian" friends. If one of these friends were to see a bunch of their friends talking about God's goodness, aren't we, in a sense, presenting God's goodness? Hence, the gospel?

(def.) Gospel: Good news.

I've written very random things on my status before. Many, many times, people actually respond to me, saying, "Are you okay?" or "what's that about?" So if people could so easily get themselves concerned in others' business just by reading a AIM profile status, how much more might a person wonder if everyone was lifting up God?

This is indeed, not to say that we don't have to go up to our friends and family and actually present the gospel to them, but don't you guys realize? Your AIM, twitter, Facebook statuses... they are for the whole world to see. If it's this easy, and we're still not using it to tell people the greatest news of all time, what makes you think that you'll actually go out to your community, your family, your friends, or the world to tell people? What makes us think we have the audacity to do so, if we fail to even present it in the simplest of ways.

None the less, we're weak without God. He's here to help, in every circumstance.

This went on for much longer that the "just a thought" I had imagine before writing this.

I got class tomorrow so I'll end here. ___



My new favorite Bible verse is Revelations 21:23.

v. The city does not need the sun or the moon to shine on it, for the glory of God gives it light, and the Lamb is its lamp.

Going to Urbana was honestly just more inspirational and motivational to do the things that I already had in mind. Didn't learn a lot of "new" information honestly. But this is just a personal thought of course. I'm sure it was much more informational for many other people.

But honestly, I strongly encourage anyone reading this post to attend Urbana 2012. (Flying there from might be a wiser choice, however.) Although you might hear a lot of the same things you've heard in the past, hearing it from different cultural and personal perspectives, it can be really motivational and even life-changing.

During the 4th night of Urbana, there were decision cards for all of the attendees to fill out and I marked down that I would commit to short-term missions. As of now, I have my mind set on missions in Japan. But even though we were encouraged to act now upon our decisions, my heart has to be fully set on God first, and must agree with what my mind is set on.

So why Japan? Well I'm glad you asked! Here are a bit of statistics first. (Just because Asians love it.) Japan is the 2nd most unreached people ground in the world. 0.2% of Japan's population claims to be Christian, and 0.15% are evangelists. 9% of teenage girls make themselves prostitutes. (Japan is one of the most wealthy countries in the world. Most teenage prostitutes don't need the money. They simply want extra money to indulge in materialism.)

I've always been fascinated by the culture in Japan. The way people behave, the foods they eat, their creativity, and their success in business. That's even the reason why I'm taking Japanese in college right now. I really hope to be fluent in a few years. (I know I know, watching anime will help me learn some new vocab, but I'm honestly not that interested in anime.)

But when I heard the negative side about Japan's culture, it made me even more eager to go there.

** I originally planned to write more, but my mind has just shut down for the day and I need some sleep. If Greg ever reads this, he'll probably nag me about giving this as a testimony sometime in the near future so expect to hear the rest soon.