T-shirt design

hey guys,

I've created a t-shirt design that focuses on Matthew 22:37-39. I really did it because I had nothing to do, and creating t-shirts is a hobby of mine. But I really took it into consideration if I sold these t-shirts to my church in Syracuse, back home, to people in CRU, Seekers Christian Fellowship in NYC, and to friends and giving a portion of the money to help Haiti, or support missions, or something like that. I'm still looking to hear from God on what he wants or who to give to.

But here's the t-shirt design:

So the pricing really depends on how many people buy it. My initial goal is to sell to 50 people. If that's reached, the shirts will be 13.58 each. I will charge 15, because the rest will be funded elsewhere (tba..) I make absolutely no profit from doing this.

That means, 50 shirts will raise up to 71 dollars. But in addition, I may be asking for additional voluntary donation from anyone willing to give more. For example, if the money would go towards Haiti relief, it would go to The American Red Cross, and requested specifically for Haiti relief.

More info to come.

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