I should really be sleeping.

Okay, a more appropriate title for this blog entry would be something along the lines of: "Challenges that tear me apart."

The biggest thing I've been struggling with since coming to Syracuse is that I rely more on my emotions than I do on God. Now that's not always a bad thing (if my emotions were always focused on Christ). But nooo. My emotions change every few seconds, faster than any woman I've encountered during PMS (sorry, just had to make that comparison).

Sometimes my emotions tell me I've got to keep praying because this is all just a big challenge I'm getting from God. Other times, it encourages me to make excuses for the sins I've done.

Although this is my current state, I've been having the great pleasure of meeting this guy whom I have one on one bible study and discussion sessions each week, and every week, I've been encouraged to not only believe what other Christians tell me, but look it up in the Bible for myself (something some non-Chrisitans might wanna look into instead of being stubborn).

I guess for those of you who read my blog, just pray for me. Let me be able to get through this rough time (although this is just a way to make me stronger in the future). On a random note, I can't wait to go back home in less than a month! =)

Also pray for some of the so-called "evangelists" on the streets. There's this guy in front of the main campus steps far across from Hall of Languages, that wears a huge sign (front and back) and talking about how people need to be saved because they're doomed to hell if we don't repent right away. I don't know if this guy is affiliated with the first, but today, I saw another guy, a much younger guy that held a big sign saying "ex-homos: saved by Jesus Christ" or something like that. And I didn't really catch what he was saying but I vividly remember him saying, "some of you don't have a spine." In both cases, even as a Christian, this really disappoints me. Jesus would never approve of such "evangelism." If we are to love the sinners and hate the sin, why are so many people trying to approach others with Christianity in a way that screams, "God will hate you until you repent!" Where the heck does it say that in the bible? I have two questions for them:

1. Do people really come up to you and ask you for more information about the gospel and Jesus Christ? Do you expect anyone to come up to you in a positive, interested manner? If not, where are you doing with your life?

2. Can you say with honesty that you have love for the people you see on the streets? Because if you don't, stop wasting your time. That's not spreading the gospel.

Pray for them, and for me.


  1. Hi Jon! :) I love your blog it's super adorable and thanks for sharing so much on it! I'll pray for you my sg member AND my mean friend! heehee! I know how everything changes when you come to college, but like you said, it'll only make you that much stronger because that is ultimately what all these trials are! Good luck! And keep it up! :) Michelle

  2. Definitely Sam. I'm going through the same thing here in Oxford, Georgia. But today I've been encouraged by my friends to stay strong, and I just want to encourage you also.